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About Maclean's

Canada's only national weekly current affairs magazine
Get trusted insight and thought-provoking opinions on the issues at home and worldwide – and what they mean for you. Every week, Maclean's magazine enlightens, engages and entertains with strong investigative reporting and exclusive stories from leading journalists. Coverage includes news, social issues, politics, business, sports, health, education, arts and entertainment.

Maclean’s uses perspective and experience to get past the headlines, to sort what matters from what doesn’t… to help you, the reader, make sense of it all. You get more original journalism, more stunning photography and illustration, and more lively and provocative reading.
Special issues include:

  • University Rankings
  • Canada's Top 100 Employers
  • The Year in Pictures

National Magazine Awards: Gold & Silver Awards for Blogs 2013; Gold Award for Columns 2013; Silver Award for Photojournalism 2013; Gold Award for Politics & Public Interest 2012; Silver Awards for Columns and Profiles 2012.

Published in Canada, in English.

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